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Fortnite Top Ranking! (Canada)

You can see the Top Ranking of Fortnite in Canada.

Fortnite Top Ranking! (Canada)

You can see the Top Ranking of Fortnite based on the search volume of Google Search in Canada.

The search volumes for “Fortnite Crew” are increasing today. The search volumes for “Nindo Fortnite” have increased this month, but they are calming down today.


Top Rising Trending Searches
2% +250% Fortnite Crew
-- +6K% Og Fortnite Map Code
-- +1K% Fortnite Unblocked
-- +350% Fortnite Player Stats
-- +200% Travis Scott Fortnite
-- +200% Fortnite Leaks Reddit
-- +130% Fortnite Rap
-- +120% Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit
-- +120% Peely Fortnite

This Week

Top Rising Trending Searches
7% +123K% Nindo Fortnite
-- +37K% Thenindo Fortnite
-- +30K% Star Wars Weapons Fortnite
-- +29K% Island Hopper Fortnite
-- +27K% Fortnite Naruto Challenges
-- +17K% Party Poppers Fortnite
-- +17K% Defeat Darth Vader Fortnite
-- +7K% Melee Weapons Fortnite
-- +7K% Blimp Wars Fortnite Code
-- +5K% Where To Find Darth Vader In Fortnite
-- +2K% Darth Vader Fortnite Location
-- +2K% Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit

This Month

Top Rising Trending Searches
1% +86K% Nindo Fortnite
-- +80K% Fortnite To Be Continued
-- +45K% Fortnite Reality Seeds
-- +33K% When Will Fortnite Be Back Up
-- +24K% Fortnite Vibin
-- +20K% How To Get Among Us Fortnite
-- +17K% When Is Fortnite Back Up
-- +15K% Fortnite Among Us Backbling
-- +13K% Thenindo Fortnite
-- +12K% Fortnite Event June 4
-- +10K% Evenement Fortnite
-- +10K% Among Us Back Bling In Fortnite
-- +9K% Is Fortnite Down Right Now
-- +8K% When Is The Fortnite Live Event 2022
-- +7K% Fortnite Live Event June 2022
-- +7K% Where To Find Grapple Glove In Fortnite
-- +2K% Fortnite Downtime