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LoL Top Ranking! (Australia)

You can see the Top Ranking of LoL in Australia.

LoL Top Ranking! (Australia)

You can see the Top Ranking of LoL based on the search volume of Google Search in Australia.

The search volumes for “Lol Oce”, “League Of Legends Oce”, “Lol Status”, “League Of Legends Status”, “Lol Maintenance”, “League Of Legends Down”, “League Of Legends Reddit”, “League Of Legends Maintenance”, “Lol Servers”, “League Of Legends Twitter” are increasing today. The search volumes for “R Lol”, “Lol Patch Notes” have increased this month, but they are calming down this week.


Top Rising Trending Searches
6% +400% Lol Oce
4% +200% League Of Legends Oce
3% +3K% Lol Status
3% +1K% League Of Legends Status
2% +1K% Lol Maintenance
2% +650% League Of Legends Down
2% +130% League Of Legends Reddit
1% +2K% League Of Legends Maintenance
1% +1K% Lol Servers
1% +200% League Of Legends Twitter
-- +46K% Is Lol Down
-- +38K% League Of Legends Update
-- +200% T1 Lol
-- +90% Lol Chess
-- +80% Twitch League Of Legends

This Week

Top Rising Trending Searches
-- +300% Lol Inven
-- +300% Lol Maintenance
-- +250% League Of Legends Maintenance
-- +200% Drx Lol
-- +200% Dignitas Lol
-- +140% Ptt Lol
-- +120% Match History Lol
-- +120% Seraphine League Of Legends
-- +100% How Much Money Have I Spent On Lol

This Month

Top Rising Trending Searches
3% +60% R Lol
3% +50% Lol Patch Notes